Bushcraft is fun!

The teachers love it too! We used sticks to make frames for weaving.

Tree planting: a new forest in Hounslow!

On Wednesday the Bushcraft group planted some new trees on our school field. Following our Invertebrate Survey and Bird Survey last month, the plan is to create a small copse and some hedgerow areas to provide more habitats for wildlife.

The tree ready for planting. We marked the tree with red and yellow flags to prevent them from being trampled.

The trees ready for planting. 


We created our new copse (a little wood) next to the log pile, which is a home for mini beasts.


Making the holes for the trees – hard work but fun!


This one is a Silver Birch – let’s hop it grows!


We marked baby the trees with flags to prevent them being trampled.


Bushcraft sessions start at Springwell.

Every Wednesday afternoon a group of 13 intrepid girls from years 4,5 and 6 venture out onto the school field with Ms Randall to learn about nature and bushcraft skills. We use the principles of Forest Schools to develop the children’s confidence, resilience and communication skills, while having great fun and learning practical skills out of doors. So far we have tried shelter building, campfire cooking, making jewellery from Elder sticks and using a bow saw to make pendants. Tomorrow we will be planting some new trees to turn our our school grounds into a haven for wildlife. After the winter break it will be time for some boys to try their hands at these outdoor activities.